Research Projects

Division Core Member Title of research project
[ Neuroscience ]
Regenerative Neural Medicine Hisao Yamada In situ imaging of neural cells and their function
Anatomy and Brain Science Tetsuo Sugimoto Analysis of mouse lateral striatum using antibodies for GAD1, GPR155, Calb1 and dopamine receptors
Cellular and Molecular Physiology Hiroko Matsuda Imaging of disease-related molecules and cells
Cognitive Neuroscience Kae Nakamura The role of serotonin and dopamine for cognitive processes in the primate
Molecular and Functional Biology Seiji Ito Elucidation of pathogenesis and development of diagnosis and treatment of intractable neural diseases
Neurology Hirofumi Kusaka Analysis of synaptic plasticity in the basal ganglia network by regional quantitation of mRNA in 6-OHDA-lesioned rats
Neuropsychiatry Toshihiko Kinoshita Alterations of Mirror Neurons in Patients with Schizophrenia
Neurosurgery Akio Asai Development of in vivo imaging of cancer stem cells in glioblastoma
Medical Control of Stress Response Koh Shingu Anti-inflammatory property of dexmedetomidine, a selective α2-adrenergic receptor agonist
Spinal Cord Regeneration Toshio Nakatani
Yasuyuki Kuwagata
Basic and clinical studies on cell treatment for complete spinal cord injury
Functional Neuroscience Reiko Kobayakawa Study on fear induced by odorant molecules
[ Cancer ]
Stem Cell Pathology Hiroo Ueno Analyses of dynamics of intestinal stem cells by multi-color lineage tracing method
Viral Oncology Jun-ichi Fujisawa Analysis of ATL development in HTLV-1 infected humanized mouse model
Stem Cell Biology Yoshiaki Sonoda Identification of embryonic stem cell-like tissue committed stem cells and elucidation of their differentiation pathway: An application to cell therapy and regenerative medicine
Public Health and International Health Toshimasa Nishiyama Functional analysis of overexpressing genes in tissue stem cells and relationship with cancer stem cells
Legal Medicine Atsushi Akane The comprehensive analysis of microRNA in hearts of stress model rat
Molecular Genetics Tatsuo Kinashi Molecular mechanism of lymphocyte trafficking
Model Animal Sung-il Lee Generation of mice carrying GFP reporter gene by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering
Cell Signaling Satoshi Matsuda Analysis of signal transduction molecules involved in proliferation, development and stemness
Internal Medicine 1 Shosaku Nomura Development of novel therapeutic strategy and elucidation of functional basis for intractable diseases by human dendritic cell research
Otolaryngology Koichi Tomoda Search and Identification of head and neck cancer-related factors by imaging mass spectrometry
Stem Cell Disorders Susumu Ikehara IBM-BMT is an effective strategy for cancer treatment
[ Metabolism ]
Molecular Pharmacology Tomoyuki Nakamura Study of fibril formation in the extracellular matrix
Internal Medicine 2 Ichiro Shiojima Identification of cardiac stem cell-specific surface antigens
Internal Medicine 3 Kazuichi Okazaki A molecular imaging study of identifying biomarkers in inflammatory gastroenterological disorders
Surgery A-Hon Kwon Identification of causative material of small-bowel obstruction from histopathological sections by MALDI-imaging mass spectrometry
Dermatology Hiroyuki Okamoto Analysis of UV-induced molecules related to melanoma
Orthopedic Surgery Hirokazu Iida Sonication for diagnosis of implant-associated infections
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Kenji Kusumoto Clarification of skin and soft tissue aging and tissue regeneration and application in diagnosis and treatment using molecular imaging
Ophthalmology Kanji Takahashi Elucidation of molecular mechanism of choroidal neovascularization, retinal degeneration and retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury
Radiology Satoshi Sawada
Noboru Tanigawa
The basic experiment of development for diagnostic agent and the curative drugs by the RI labeled antibody for the solid tumors
Clinical Sciences and Laboratory Medicine

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Hakuo Takahashi
Koji Tsuta
Analysis of localization of endogenous digitalis in the brain, and the pathophysiological roles in hypertension
Nanoparticle technique for pathological diagnosis
Physics Yu Kihara

Masami Kageshima
Cellular function imaging by x-ray microscopy
Research for imaging of intracellular function and structure